Refund & Cancellation Policy


Rudraksha International do not have have return policy because all of our products are being energised in Vedic/Traditional Mantras with the individual name with the blessing of God. After energisation, the product gets attached with the concerned person so that could not be used by other person as per Indian Ancient Scriptures. So it is suggested to our customer to order any product from us after your 100% satisfaction. We display photographs of our products on the web site which could be seen by the prospective customers and get themselves fully satisfy. We send product along with Lab Certificate wherever mentioned in website, and our packaging are very strongly protected.

 We feel it appropriate to caution that who takes return of the spiritual products once purchased, those companies do resell of the same products which might results negative effect to both the persons, because re-energisation of any products could not be possible by other individual name.

 Cancellation Policy:-

 We give actual beads on the websites. Cancellation of products from customer is not possible if once order is placed.

 ‘Rudhraksha International’ has the rights to cancel any order due to unavoidable reason.  ‘Rudhraksha International’ would refund the whole received amount against the cancellation of the product if the cancellation done from our end due to unavoidable reason.

 Content Piracy

 Piracy of images/ content / data from our website is prohibited. We strictly request other websites/ traders/ dealers to not use content from our website.

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