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About Us

Rudraksha is nothing but a seed found inside a blue colored fruit of a tree called “Elaeocarpus ganitrus” that grows well in volcanic soil. “Rudraksha” is a Sanskrit word meaning “Lord Shiva’s compassionate tears”. It is believed by religious people that the tears of lord Shiva fell on earth to become seeds with divine powers. These naturally formed seeds can have 1 to 23 “mukhis” or “faces”. 5 faced seeds are commonly found, while the 1 mukhi, Ganesh and Gauri Shankar are considered as the rarer ones.

Renowned researchers have affirmed the fact that “Rudrasha seeds” do possess certain mystic powers or radiant characteristics that can be quantified and differ from one seed to another based on their number of faces or mukhis.

Spiritually inclined people regard Rudraksha seeds as sacred items and often string them together to be worn as a mala around their necks or even in their hands so that they constantly touch the body. Since the seeds emanate positive energy guarding the body and the soul against negative forces and helps as tool to appreciate divinity, it has to be carefully chosen and worn. The authenticity of the source is of prime importance.

Many even use Rudraksha seeds for therapeutic and health augmenting purposes, especially in Ayurveda. Recent studies confirmed that wearers of Rudraksha effectively managed stress including depression, high blood pressure and hypertension sans the side effects of anti-depressants, beta blockers and tranquilizers. Irrespective of gender, Rudraksha seeds when placed on them increased their stamina and energy levels within a shorter span of time. It is also a proved fact that wearers of Rudraksha felt relaxed and achieved enhanced concentration. It is also the most sought after seed for its anti-ageing qualities.

Sometimes Rudraksha seeds can be mistaken for Rudraksha seeds as they both look similar except for the fact that the Rudraksha seeds are poisonous in nature while Rudraksha seeds are not. In order to eliminate this identity mistake, we procure Rudraksha seeds only from our own naturally conserved, well nurtured and spiritually energized forests and offer it through our rudraksha.com website, part of SramMram group.


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